Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dwarf Adventurer Warband Begins!

Hello! I mentioned in an earlier post I would be starting my journey into the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd edition with a small unit of dwarf adventurers. (Right here). While I'm still working to get my Blood Bowl team finished, I am getting a little tired of it and I felt I needed to take a break and do something much different for a bit.

In my previous post I said I was able to find a bunch of old 80's citadel paints and inks and posted some pictures of the starter sets. The rest of the group arrived in the mail just the other day and I immediately went to work sorting the colors and which were dry, watery or just right. I wanted to give the dwarf adventurers an authentic 80's feel as I think the best way to start into an oldhammer army is to give it the essence of the 80's and what better way to do that than the original paints and inks?

Opening the box!
Dry paints on the left, watery in the middle, good to go on the right.
Once the sorting was done I was ready to try out the new old paints. There's quite an assortment of colors there, although I realized I don't have a black, the white is dried up and I don't have a good dark brown. I'll probably order a couple things off Black Hat Miniature's Coat d'arms range rather than hunting down the individual citadel paints. Aside from those however, I think I've got just about all I would need for these.

Anyways, I stayed up late last night and worked on the unit leader from start to finish. I did a lot of experimental things with the paint and used colors I wouldn't ordinarily have used but I think it's good to step outside of what's "right" and try some things. He was a quick job, only took about 3 hours or so, so it's nothing amazing but I think I was able to get an old style feeling out of it.

As my friend said he is "Very... green." Even his beard is green! Oh well. I think he's good for a first attempt using the old paints. He was really really experimental. I wasn't sure how most of the things I tried would work out. I kind of substituted the greens for browns in a lot of areas. 

Imperial Purple shirt, teal cloak with green ink wash, spearstaff brown crossbow and axe handle with brown ink washes, goblin green gloves with green ink wash. The inks were pretty fun to use but I feel like they make the model a bit too shiny. I wonder if a matte varnish would help with that? But maybe the old paints are just glossier than the newer paints.

He needs a name. Hmm....
Well, there's the first step to the start of my dwarf warband! Above is other four models I'll be starting with. 'tis a good start, aye?

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