Friday, March 14, 2014

Blood Bowl Humans WIP

A new Blood Bowl league is starting at my local game store so I thought it'd be cool if THIS time my team was painted! My plan is to use my 2nd edition Dwarf team but I wanted to get the plastic teams from the game box painted up as well. They seemed like a good place to start for extra practice before I get going on my real team and I felt bad just leaving them in the box.

So here is the human team I'm currently working on. I'm still in the basecoat stage and I'll post more pictures as I go.

Update: Basecoating finished on these 4 guys. 8 more to go. The black parts are going to be painted over in silver and most of the brown parts will be painted over in gold or yellow.


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  2. I really like how these guys are progressing! Seems like a solid color scheme. I'm normally not a fan of 'umies, but these guys seem cool.