Thursday, March 13, 2014

A little about me.

All right, this is my first time making a blog for really anything. This one will be devoted to Warhammer, though mostly to the older parts of it (3rd edition Fantasy, Rogue Trader, OOP Blood Bowl minis etc.)

My name is Bradley. I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States but I currently live in Boise, Idaho and I am a dual US-Canadian citizen. I was born 1991 in case you're wondering. Most of these miniatures and books are older than me!

I was first introduced to Warhammer in late 2010. My friend at the time was getting into 40k and convinced me to buy an army, so I went with Tau. Unfortunately he lost interest soon after and I had no one to play with living out in the middle of nowhere of Pocatello. Strangely enough though, in October of that year I stumbled upon one of the most amazing goldmines of vintage lead I could've ever imagined. And at the time I didn't even realize how amazing it really was.

Here's the dwarf army in all it's glory as I found it:

So, coming from a background of only playing 40k a little bit with a battleforce of Tau, I really had no idea what these were. I went to Bugman's Brewery forum and the very very helpful people there helped me identify most of the figures. (my original post: ) I then spent the next few months spending night and day doing research on CCM Wiki and SOLegends, absorbing it all and taking it all in, making a semi-accurate catalogue of everything I could.

Needless to say it didn't take very long before I became hooked. I still didn't have anyone to play with but I read a lot of painting tutorials and lurked on many forums, learning as much as I could and became more and more interested.

I don't have much practice with painting and I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I paint rather slow, something I need to work on if i'm going to get all these painted, but I have finished a few models and I'm starting this blog as a place where I can post updates of things I'm working on as I do and perhaps give myself some better direction and focus on what I need to do to get it all done.

Here are a few examples of models I've painted (these are old photos so not everything is based):

                                                          My first dwarf paintjob:
                                                    Bolt thrower + crew + cannon etc:
                                                                 Ork mekboy:
Gamesday 2000 Lizardmen Skinks - Blood Bowl

Over the past four years I've become interested in many different parts of Warhammer. My collection has grown to include Tyranids, Orks, Warriors of Chaos, some Squats, Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle) and a small warband of skeletons. I have a few different Blood Bowl teams and there are leagues in my area regularly so for the past year or so Blood Bowl has been my main focus.

Unfortunately Fantasy is not a very big thing here and 40k is pretty competitive so I don't get to actually play either much outside of games at home. I don't mind being competitive in Blood Bowl as it's pretty straight forward and designed to be like a game of chess with dice, but I think Warhammer should be more about fun and enjoyment than building hyper competitive army lists, using bare-bones paintjobs and trying to smash everyone as fast as you can.

I recently discovered the OldHammer forum and reading the posts of people there has inspired me to open up the 3rd edition rulebook that came with my army of dwarfs and start reading it more closely. Judging from what people say about it, it sounds exactly like what I want with Warhammer and lucky for me I already have a sizable army of old minis to use. I'm hoping to get familiar with the rules, paint up a small force (gotta start somewhere.) and try to get some friends to come over for some 3rd edition games.

I feel bad for leaving so many of these amazing dwarfs unpainted and I know I have to get to work. It's a little intimidating looking at an army so large and thinking "How the hell am I going to get these all painted?" but I just have to take it one at a time. We've finally finished moving for the 3rd time in 3 years and I finally have a paint area set up that's not a makeshift corner of a room so I'm going to try to finally get some work done.

Thank you for reading my introduction and I will try to have many new painted photos to show soon! I hope you will enjoy seeing some of my cool old minis as I greatly enjoy collecting them.


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  2. Thats a very impressive collection of old lead. You painting skills are certainly up to a good level. Painting entire armies is quite different to painting individual or small groups of models. It's about finding a balance between time to finish and painting level - the classic mistake is to put too much effort into rank and file models where often the effect is lost at the distance of a few feet which armies are viewed at. Don't be afraid to ask on the Oldhammer forum for advice, we have hundreds of years of experience at this stuff between the lot of us.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with those damn Stunties! :)

    1. That's pretty much the mistake I've been making but I think I'm just starting to get a bit more of a feel for the balance. It can be difficult not to obsess on the details sometimes.

      I'll do that. =D Thanks!