Friday, April 4, 2014

Blood Bowl Team WIP + A couple extra pictures

The final players for my Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf team arrived just two days ago. Just in time too, since the league starts the day after tomorrow so I've been working on them with all the free time I have available.

My dog died in his sleep yesterday so I had to bury him and I wasn't feeling up to painting a whole lot so progress has been slow, but any progress is good and there has been progress. I put the pictures in order from oldest to newest. I'll post another set of photos when all the base coats are done or nearly all done.

Here's the team all together. The minotaur won't be starting with the team but hopefully as the league goes on I'll be able to buy him onto the team. That gives me some extra time to paint him!

The 1st edition goblin was painted as a test model for the paint scheme (Blue/Black). He's the only one I have named so far. Hobb the Gob. I still need a team name too. (Masked Marauders? eh.. probably not.)

Since all the chaos dwarfs are wearing masks I'm going to paint each mask in a different crazy bright color to try to get an old-school chaos feel. Yellow, red, pink, bright green, something else for the 5th. I think it should give them a neat look, though I haven't tested it yet so I guess we'll see.

A little further along yesterday.

Where I currently am at. Not a huge amount of progress but it's not bad considering the time I've had to work with. I'd like to get basecoating done by saturday at least, but who knows if I'll actually get that done. I shall try anyway.

Here's some individual photos.

The team leader. I still need a name for him, but I think he looks the most menacing of the group.

Behind shot

Guy with cloven hooves mutation. I like his expression.

One of the blockers with a split color pattern. Kind of feel like the odd boot should be a sort of off color that doesn't exactly fit the scheme and looks out of place like he just found it or something but I'm not really sure how well that'd go. Brown might work just as well.

One of the bull centaurs (Hthark the unstoppable 3rd edition model) I feel like these guys don't exaaaactly go with the 2nd edition chaos dwarfs but I really didn't have the time to convert my own boar centaurs or really find any old boar centaurs to convert and I found two of these guys for a good deal so I just went with them. I think they'll do fine.

The blue/black color scheme is going to be very prominent on these fellows. I think it'll look quite nice if I do it well.

The only hobgoblin who is actually a hobgoblin model. This guy's one of the 3rd edition hobgoblins. I need to find some more of them for 5 and 6 as I'll probably be needing to hire some more during the league. I was surprised how well he looked with a simple basecoat like this. Quite an easy model to paint.

Still unsure on his hood color though. Could do a bright orange or a simple brown or perhaps a dark red would do well enough.

Couple Hobb the Gob photos I think I posted previously, but just to keep everything together, here.

And that's all for blood bowl stuff. Just for fun I had a few extra pictures on my camera that are worth throwing up, so here.

Found this guy in a box of old things (along with a snotling carrying a squig on a tray!) with the rider all broken into several pieces. I glued him back together though I don't seem to have the rest of his lance.
Old school cockatrice!

Amusing silhouette from spraying figures. Surprising how well those silhouettes look. Can you tell which model is which?

The messy pile of minis section of my work table. (Zoats!)

A couple recent ebay buys I thought were pretty cool. Goblin king's chariot and red dragon.
Pull pig, pull!

Needs touched up a little but otherwise very cool!
And just for fun, a photo of a chaos dwarf mortar team who may be a couple of blood bowl fans. They certainly need to be painted up soon! I'm actually pretty excited for them.

And that's all! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my photos of old lead.

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