Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A little brown box from the UK

So I went out to the mailbox this morning, eagerly awaiting a package of old Blood Bowl stuff I'd ordered from a UK site annnnnnd, there it was! Just sitting right there.

 So I opened it up annnnd....

Oh the excitement!

1 2nd edition Minotaur                                          
2 Chaos Dwarf Players 2nd ed                                 
1 3rd edition Hobgoblin                                            
2 Orc players 1st ed (used as hobgobs 5 and 6)        
5 Skaven Linerats 2nd ed                                          
2 Skaven Catchers 2nd ed                                        
1 Skaven Blitzer 2nd ed                                            
1 Skaven Kicker 1st ed                                            
1 Rasta Tailspike                                                      
Here's some up close pictures.

This minotaur as a special taste for rat flesh. Nom.

The more difficult part of the team to assemble. I have another group of three chaos dwarf players coming from the UK for my team. Hopefully they'll get here in time for the league. I do really love the old players though. They're so much cooler than the big hats.

I'll be using these 1st edition orcs as Hobgoblins #5 and 6. The reason for this being they didn't make any 2nd edition Blood Bowl Hobgobs and 3rd edition only had 4 unique sculpts. 

Also, I'm having a difficult time finding the rest of the hobgoblins at a reasonable price, so I might have to fill in #4 with a regular old 1st edition goblin and name him Hobb or something. Hobb the Gob. That'll work.

Oh those damned dirty rats! The meat of a Skaven team, the linerats.

Oven mitt catchers! They just love to bake things. Maybe they're hoping for lessons from a Halfling master chef?

That blitzer looks like he would eat a Halfling master chef.

And these came seperately, but these are the bull centaurs I'll be using for the team. Yeah they're all big hatty and 3rd edition chaos dwarfy but they're the only Bull Centaurs released for Blood Bowl and they're not so horrid that they make me want to go out and find one of the older fantasy Boar Centaurs and cut them apart. (They're kind of expensive!)

One more Blood Bowl mini for my Skaven team, a very special addition to the team who came all the way from Puerto Rico:

He's such a badass.

One last thing that came in the mail today:

I now have the power of the giant carnivorous sand clam. If you don't know what I mean by that....

A pretty good day for things Oldhammer! I'm very excited to get my Blood Bowl teams finished and painted so I can smash some face with them at the league and to try out some Space Orc VS Space Dwarf Rogue Trader games! (I already have some sand clams picked out.)

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